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Continental HDW2 Canada

Tire Size: 11R22.5
Position: Drive
Shoulder: Open
Load Range: H
Load Index (S/D): /
Ply Rating: 16
SKU: 5230120000

Long Haul Long Haul All Season All Season
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Max Speed: N/A   Diameter: 41.90 ''   Static Loaded Radius: 19.60 ''
Max Load Single: 6940 LBS   Section Width: 13.00 ''   Min. Dual Spacing: 12.50 ''
Max Load (Dual) 6395 LBS   Tread Depth 27.00 / 32nds   Revolutions Per Mile 495
Rim Width: N/A   Tire Construction: R   Weight: 135 LBS
Long HaulLong Haul
Directional tread design with more than 1000 sipesProvides excellent traction and lateral stability
Commercial Tires Brands in Huntsville, TX, Buffalo, TX, Goodrich, TX

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