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Commercial Tires Brands in Huntsville, TX, Buffalo, TX, Goodrich, TX

Light Truck Repairs

Light Truck Repairs in Huntsville, TX

When the performance of your light truck falters, don't hesitate to visit your nearest Martinez Heavy Truck Tire & Repair for professional service. We provide regular maintenance and repairs to LT drivers across Huntsville, TX, Buffalo, TX, Goodrich, TX, and surrounding areas. Call your nearest location to schedule a service today.

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Did You Know: We also service Hotshot trailers. If you own a gooseneck trailer or haul with a heavy duty flatbed trailer, you can count on us to provide the repairs you need.

Need Your Light Truck Repaired By Local Auto Professionals?

LT parts wear over time. When you notice problems with your vehicle's electrical capabilities or see the check engine light turn on, give us a call. Continued performance won't happen without action on your part, and fixing truck problems early is better than fixing them late after they can cause more damage.

Are You Practicing Proper Truck Maintenance?

  • If your engine isn’t running smoothly, bring it to our experts for diagnoses and minor repairs.
  • Did you know your brakes should be inspected at least twice per year?
  • Oil additives work to protect your truck’s engine. Keep up on regular oil changes.

Our Truck Repair Services

We provide a variety of light truck repairs, including:

  • Minor Engine Repair
  • No Start Solutions
  • Battery Service
  • Truck Alignment
  • Starter Service
  • Alternator Service
  • Electrical Service
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Air Brake Chamber Service
  • On-Site Steel Welding Repair

Speak with a member of out team today. We look forward to earning your business.

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