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Truck Alignments Available

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Martinez Heavy Truck Tire & Repair now offers truck alignments. Our new alignment machine cuts extra and unnecessary expenses caused by alignment problems. Service is available at our location or on-site, making tire and wheel maintenance easier for truck owners and businesses.

Truck Alignment Benefits

Maximize Tire Life: When the tires and wheels on your truck don't point in the correct direction, tire wear occurs more rapidly and in irregular ways. A wheel alignment restores your tire and wheel assemblies to their proper angles, so you can achieve the life and performance you expect before needing replacement tires or retreading.

Improve Fuel Economy: Misalignment creates more drag, or rolling resistance. This causes greater friction and can have a negative effect on fuel consumption. It's one reason why truck alignments are such a valuable service and should be part of any maintenance plan.

Safer Handling: A misaligned truck may favor the left or right side of the road, requiring the driver to fight the steering wheel. If a truck can't track in a straight line, you should have your alignment checked. 

With mobile alignments for fleets available, we make truck maintenance easy and hassle-free. Contact us today for your truck alignment service in Huntsville, TX and surrounding areas.

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